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World War

            In exploring the origins of the First World War, many diverse theories have been argued to whom is primarily responsible for the commencement of World War I. Lenin indicted imperialism as the principal cause of the war. Woodrow Wilson saw the culprit in secret diplomacy. Wilhelm II blamed an anti-German conspiracy led by the English. Sir Edward Grey, the British foreign secretary quoted in his memoirs that the primary factor leading to war was the arms race. In the drafting of the Versailles treaty, the triumphant Allies bluntly asserted Germany's responsibility. Norman Rich wondered why Germany, if it aims had indeed been so single-minded, did not start the war earlier and under more favorable odds.
             Bismarck, the man who led Germany throughout the 1800's and prepared a powerful nation for the turn of the century, established economic stability and allowed the industrial sector to grow and prosper through the industrial revolution. . This Napoleanic leader unified surrounding states into a country with stable roots and a firm hold on the public sector. The stage was set for Germany to expand and rise in the ranking of a European superpower. .
             The British saw the Germans flexing their economic muscle, which raised a few drew the attention of neighboring countries. Europe's economic balance was being upset by the breaking of the Status Quo with Germany's inflating power over the surrounding territory. Germany expanded their military capabilities by extensive funding toward the defense of their territory. Many saw this an act of maybe not war but certain aggression. Others believed that Germany was simply protecting their resources in case of external confrontation. France and Russia sided with the English and the Austrian Government was unstable with the assassination of the Arch Duke Ferdinand. The way any significant conflict was resolved was acting upon the human natural instinct to defend when felt threatened.

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