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What is an educated person

            What is an "educated person"? This topic has been discussed for years already, and it seems like till the end of my life, this topic will still be argued about. I believe that most people, when being asked this question, would say that an educated person is someone who has grown up under a tradition educational system, which is he/she went to school before and finally got a degree from a university. Is the definition of an "educated person" this simple, or is it worth people talking about it for years and years and years? Now, probably, you may notice that there is "something" that you did not aware of the real meaning of being educated.
             In determining what is meant by being educated and what is meant by an educated person, we must first know clearly what education is. Education is the pursuit of knowledge and it is whole-life-long. Let us consider this case: however great you are and how fast you can read, you cannot read all the books published in the world and know everything in details. There are new discoveries and new things invented everyday, it is impossible to know them all. This is what an encyclopedia does, not human-being. Therefore education is not an objective that can be reached after fixed years of study but is a life-long process which really occupies your whole life. Apparently an educated person has to dedicate his life enthusiastically and entirely to gain knowledge during his life. Further, he has to know about the world to realize how much more there is to know. If someone got a doctorate degree from Harvard University but later on lost his curiosity on knowledge and stopped pursuing knowledge, I would not say that he is an educated person but an uneducated one. This would be my first definition of an educated person. .
             If you try to look for the definition of the word "educate" in Merriam-Webster Dictionary, you get: "1a: to provide schooling for b: to train by formal instruction and supervised practice especially in a skill, trade, or profession 2a: to develop mentally, morally, or aesthetically especially by instruction b: to provide with information 3: to persuade or condition to feel, believe, or act in a desired way".

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