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Microsoft the Company not the Monopoly

            A company that has been around for over twenty years that started a revolution that no one thought would ever reach the point it has obtained today. Has in many people's opinions become a complete monopoly over its market. "The company is Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), one of the most widely held stocks on the planet (Business Week, April 2004)." It seems as though monopoly is another word for leveling the playing field, why is that a person or a company is punished for realizing the greatness of capitalism and harnessing all its freedoms. Microsoft is simply being unfairly criticized and investigated for merely proving the American dream of a free market system.
             Microsoft is being hard pressed on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean it is currently entangled in a major lawsuit with the European commission. A lawsuit that seems all too familiar to the company, the charges seem uncannily similar to the ones brought against them by the United States a few years ago. CNN found that same uncanny resemblance between the European Commission lawsuit and the United States anti-trust lawsuit. "A number of analysts see similarities between the cases, although U.S. and EU laws differ on what is abuse of a dominant position. The one similarity talked about by many analysts is that it took years for a verdict to be reached in both cases"(www.Cnn.com). "Monopoly: exclusive ownership through legal privilege, command of supply, or concerted action"(AOL Dictionary). How is it possible that one is able to connect the meaning of monopoly to Microsoft? There are many products that are out there in the operating systems market; however it has been proven, and tested by not only the competitor but the consumer as well that Microsoft is the best, and simply the easiest product to use on the computer. So if it has been proven that it is the best operating system available, and has proven itself as a quality product for several years running.

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