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European Colonization of the Americas

            Culture drove England, Spain, and France to their ideas of the exploration of America. Had each one developed similar ideas, then these three distinct civilizations would be blended together into one society today. Before the Americas, these three nations existed with similar race, social, and political structures. As they dispersed to the new world, each formed Latin, Central, and North America, with their own individual qualities. Child labors lead to the colonization of America for England. A line of rulers spanning a time of about seventy five years lead England through a chain of events that left the nation in a impoverished and worn out state. Elizabeth I had to follow all this misfortune. She needed to gain all the popularity she could, because female rulers typically had a low support level. John Winthrop in A Modell of Christian Charity stated this, similar to her situation "For wee must consider that wee shall be a citty upon a hill. The eies of all people are upon us. " To impress the people and to appease she created a compromise religion, the Anglican Church, which basically said if you obey the law then you are a good citizen and your religion can be kept private. The people loved her; she ranked highly, during her time, of the most popular rulers. .
             With the Spanish introduction of the silver from America into the economy inflation occurred within England. Combined with the population growth this left England broke. Winthrop, a powerful Puritan leader put it nicely, "This land grows weary of her inhabitants, so as a man, which is the most precious of all creatures, is near more vile among us than a horse or a sheep. "By this time most people had turned to farming. Most crops require a drier climate than that of England, and those suitable for the climate didn't make much of a profit. Sheep farming became valuable as the demand for wool snowballed. Land owners needed a way to sway more profit.

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