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Association of Glamour and Race

            Nell Bernstein does a very good job in describing the "glamour," associated with race. It seems that there is always a particular culture that many want to be associated with. In the case of Goin" Gangsta, Choosin" Cholita Bernstein talks about how teens choose and define their identity, what "claiming," an ethnic identity is, and what the concept of "city" is according to these teens. .
             The glamour of this may be media-generated. We come from a society that pushed for the concept of "white is right," for such a long time that now there are backlashes from other cultures, races, and minorities. Many great strives have been made by various ethnic groups. Accomplished actors and actresses of these ethnic cultures make most often these strives for all to see because of the glamour and prestige that they hold in Hollywood. Actresses such as Jennifer Lopez, and Halle Berry are most often credited with moving ahead both women and those of Latino and African decent. Men such as Denzel Washington and John Leguizamo are very well respected actors in the field as well. .
             With the success of these role models, as well as the acceptance of diversity has become many "Caucasian" students are now being rejected. Many of the relatives and ancestors had to fight very hard for their rights and this may be why many younger generations want to be like them because they can identify with them and also because of how "glamorous" their lives seemed, and because of portrayal in the media. They "claim" these cultures to be accepted and more respected. Actually many generations of these cultures do press the importance of filial piety (respect for their elders), deep within their cultures as opposed to those of Caucasian families who viewed by other cultures, do not know "their" place. Because of the emphasis on heritage of the quickly populating cultures in their areas many feel they do not belong.

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