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Letter from Birmingham Jail

             "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" (King 571). uses this statement from the "Letter from Birmingham Jail." (Kirsner and Mandell 570). This is one of many controversial statements made by Dr. King in his letter. Dr. King, though did not go too far in his letter. His biblical points, which included condemning Jesus for his Godliness and his extremist view on love and his historical point that everything Hitler did was legal can cause one to believe that Dr. Kings points are relevant. .
             First, Dr. King asks "Isn't [condemning peaceful actions that precipitate violence] like condemning Jesus because his unique God-consciousness and never-ceasing devotion to God's will precipitated the evil act of crucifixion?" (King 576). According to King's clergy men his peaceful actions lead to violence, so King gives the act of God's crucifixion as an example. King goes on to question our constitutional rights since they may instigate violence. .
             Next, Dr. King says he is categorized as an extremist but he puts Jesus, Amos and the Apostle Paul in the category. Jesus was an extremist for love since he said, "love your enemies, and bless them that curse you- (578). Likewise Amos was an extremist for justice and Paul was an extremist for righteousness. Therefore King questions why he is being called an extremist; perhaps he was too optimistic in his actions. .
             Finally, King proves his point he is making throughout his letter when stating "Everything Hitler did in Germany was legal- (576). King is referring to what Hitler did was legal, yet wrong and with violence but King himself gets prosecuted for what he believes and the actions he showed through his sit-in and marching.
             In conclusion, I do not think Martin Luther King Jr. went too far in his "Letter from Birmingham Jail." He made strong biblical and historical points throughout his letter to defend what is and isn't constitutional or what is and isn't relevant.

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