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Bigger (Native Son)

             When Richard Wright wrote the novel Native Son he used the main character, Bigger, to convey a message to the readers. This message is that people can be reduced to their natural animalistic state where they feel that when you are attacked or scared your only options are to fight, flee, and freeze. This can be caused by outside forces such as a person's surroundings and history. Bigger's use of these three options is shown through three character traits, his violence, spontaneousness, and his fear.
             First, Bigger is violent at many points throughout the book. The first sign of Bigger's violence was in the very beginning of the book when he and Buddy killed the rat. Another sign of Bigger's violence is when Gus shows up late to Doc's. "He made a long step as graceful as an animal leaping, threw out his left foot and tripped Gusto the floor. Gus turned over to rise, but Bigger was on top of him, with the knife open and ready." (Wright 38) Binger's violence is directly related to the message that Richard Wright is trying to convey to his readers, it shows that when Bigger is faced with a problem instead of facing the problem he chooses to fight through violence.
             Next, Bigger is spontaneous. Bigger doesn't think before he does many things, this trait leads him to do things that he wouldn't normally do. For example, Bigger holds the pillow over Mary's face so that he could keep her quiet without even thinking about what could happen to her if he continued to do that. "The reality of the room fell from him; the vast city of white people that sprawled outside took its place she was dead and he had killed her. He was a murderer, a .
             Negro murderer, and a black murderer. He had killed a white woman." (Wright 87). Bigger not thinking about what could happen to Mary, caused him to unknowingly take away Mary's life. This event was a catalyst for many other problems that face Bigger throughout the book.

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