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The Sport of Fly Fishing

             Fly-fishing is truly a gentleman's sport, where persistence, refinement, and grace have come together to create an art form unlike any other in the world. There are many secrets to fly fishing that most ordinary people do not know, but before one goes tromping through the stream, he must first familiarize himself with some of the basics of fly-fishing.
             First, one must be outfitted with the right equipment. An eight and a half foot, five-weight rod would be the best choice for a novice. Five-weight refers to a medium to light action rod that is perfect for trout. Weights range from three, which is very limber and is made for panfish, to eight, which is for larger species of fish such as bass and salmon. Just about anything that will reel out and in will work. The fly line has to be the same weight as the rod, and it needs to be slick. With slick line there is less friction on the rod, allowing longer, more accurate casts. The last thing that is needed is a tapered leader. This is a monofilament line, which starts out thick and ends at about the thickness of horsehair. .
             Now that the angler has a rod and reel it is time to learn how to cast. Water is not needed; one can practice on the lawn. One should practice away from other people. One should not use a hook or a fly with a hook when learning to cast. The angler is likely to get tangled in his line. It is also important to wear safety glasses. The angler should start out with about twenty feet of line in front of him. He should hold the rod in his right hand, with his thumb on top, and the reel facing down. With his left hand he should hold on to the line coming out of the reel, so it does not strip out during the back cast. Now the angler should imagine his arm being the hand of a clock. He should hold the rod at ten o"clock, and lift the tip quickly. The rod will bend forward and then he should pull all the line over his right shoulder.

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