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            Kentucky's Neutrality in the Civil War.
             As the Civil War became a reality, Kentucky was divided both politically and geographically in the division of the north and south. Kentucky had strong ties to both through blood and economic factors. They initially chose to remain in the union but to adopt a neutral stance. What influenced Kentucky to adopt a neutrality stance and could they remain neutral throughout the entire Civil War? This paper will explore Kentucky's neutrality; it's importance to the north and to the south, and their final stand.
             Civil War - The Beginning.
             In the mid 1800's, the United States had grown dramatically. As it grew so did the differences between the colonies of the north and south. These differences were developed from their economic need, as well as, their cultural upbringings. But the major difference was that the north felt strong about a national government unity and the south believed individual states should have more internal control. The north abolitionists also did not agree with the south about the owning or the use of slave labor. There are differing opinions and writings on the reasons for this disagreement about slavery. The northern and southern interpretations of the Civil War vary. This paper is designed to explore Kentucky's role in the Civil War.
             For many years the use of comprise tried to subside the differences of the north and south by past presidents and legislators. Once Lincoln became president, many southerners were threatened by his anti-slavery stand. Lincoln along with his party took an abolitionist stand and viewed slavery as an evil. Abolitionists then started conducting heavy anti-slavery campaigns. The north felt threatened by the fugitive-slave act, as the south was threatened by the Missouri compromise. Causing restlessness on both sides. The south felt they were losing their equal footing in the union. This gave the south more reason to secede and gave strength to the growth of the confederacy.

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