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A Fairy Tale

             In a place that your imagination can only take you, where time does not exist and the air always smells as though it has just rained, lives a beautiful fairy. She stands no taller than three inches on two feet that always seem to be flexed into a point and legs that are no thicker than a straw. Her petite figure is covered in a silky green and blue dress that flows around her as smoothly as melted chocolate would. Picturesque wings that are as delicate as fine silk fill any scenery that would be behind her with such radiance and color. Her long, full stream of hair falls loosely around her tiny face, dancing slightly with her every move. Her pointed ears slyly poked out of her thick mass of hair and her eyes appear out of proportion with the rest of her face due to them being so full of life. She is an attractive looking fairy who lives in a land that most fairy tale creatures reside yet her home is as unique as her breed of living beings.
             There is a forest that is so lush with green plants and gorgeous flowers in every color imaginable. The birds sing to their hearts content and fill the air with such harmony, as they sit perched high above the land on one particular elm tree. There is a small path leading to the base of this tree. Lilac flowers covered the area around the tree and the smell that filtered the air was strong enough to fill your senses with a complete feeling of relaxation and serenity. What looks like the natural indentations of the tree are actually stairs used to escort the little fairy to her tiny house that could easily be mistaken for a bird house in relation to the size. The outside of the house is decorated with colorful flower petals that were hung around the entry of the door so that when one enters this house they would bring with them the smell of peace. Inside the doorway you could see tiny mushroom tables and little toadstool chairs that are a perfect fit for one so small.

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