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Save the Costa Rican Rainforest

             The Costa Rican Rainforest is one of the worlds most precious and useful natural resources in the world. It contains plants that have been used throughout history to cure disease, ease pain, provide food, and maintain health. Many cultures depend on the rainforest for life. By destroying a significant area of the ever-shrinking rainforest to build the Goliath Coffee Company, both known and undiscovered plants that hold great potential will be destroyed forever. .
             It is true to say that the Goliath Coffee Company has potential for providing benefits in this area. It can provide jobs for the local people and help bring more money into the country. However, the local people of Costa Rica have shown that they do not want this monstrosity of a company invading their precious lands. Jobs and money are not important to these villagers, and they are willing to fight for what is rightfully their land. These people have lived off the earth for far too long to not understand the significance of their land, and they know that their National Park needs to be saved from companies such as this one. .
             The rainforest has always been exploited, but has been recently destroyed at a quite a rapid rate, due to the desire for industrialization and the prime growing conditions it possesses. In Western Ecuador the forest has been depleted more then 90 percent since 1938. Today, over half of the area's plants and animals are threatened or extinct. There are many similar situations around the globe, such as the Southwestern Ivory Coast, where rainforests went from 160,000 square kilometers, to 16,000 square kilometers in four decades due to slash and burn farming, and logging. Other places such as Madagascar, the Himalayas, and the Philippines have been cleared of precious forestlands for farming and industrialization. These forest are destroyed of its plants and animals, most of which are only found in those particular regions.

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