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Miranda Rights

             Before we ask you any questions, you must understand what your rights are. You have the right to remain silent. You are not required to say anything to us at any time or to answer any questions. Anything you say can be used against you in court." These rights are due to the landmark case of 1966 known as Miranda vs. Arizona.
             The events that led to this landmark case was due to the criminal act of Ernesto Miranda in the spring of 1963. Miranda was arrested in Phoenix, Arizona for armed robbery, and for the kidnapping and raping of eighteen year old Rebecca Ann Johnson. He also had many other criminal offenses on his record. .
             While in police custody, Ernesto Miranda signed a confession to the crime he had committed towards the young women. It wasn't until after his conviction, that the case was appealed on the grounds that Miranda did not know he was protected from self-crimination. He did not know his rights. This case was taken to the highest law in the land, the Supreme Court. It was here that his conviction was overthrown. In 1966, the court concluded that Miranda had the right to remain silent and that prosecuting attorneys could mot use statements made by Miranda while in police custody. .
             Although, Ernesto Miranda's case was re-tried, he still served a sentence of eleven years on the basis of the other evidence and other criminal acts that he had engaged in. This significant court case has impacted the way the criminal and judicial system function today.
             Because of this case, nothing can be used in the court of law without the defendant being advised of their rights. Police are allowed to ask questions to establish the identity of an individual before reading their rights. These questions may consist of their name, address, birth date, and their social security number. .
             It is important for everyone to know their rights as citizens of this country, and due in part to this landmark court case, no one can ever use the excuse "they were not aware of their rights.

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