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The Greenhouse effect

            The Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming.
             The greenhouse effect is a natural occurrence that is directly affected by human activities such as new industrial processes, more extensive agriculture and a rapid increase in the world's population causing global warming.
             To discuss global warming there should first be a clear definition of global warming, what it is from, and what it leads to. The Carbon cycle is a good example of this process. Carbon is basically the key element of life and in all greenhouse gases. Methane for example is more dangerous then others. Methane (C3H8) has been proven to be around ten times worse as a greenhouse gas then carbon dioxide (CO2).
             According to the royal society of science the concentration of CO2 has gone up by 90 parts per million (PPM) since the 1800's. Scientists have also tested air bubbles trapped deep in the Artic and Antarctic to find concentrations of carbon dioxide.
             The above picture shows the basic carbon cycle. Carbon is produced as gas from animals, decomposing or by means of respiration, also from industry. The gas that is produced is then "consumed" or used by plants and animals in respiration, the deposits of calcareous sediments, and diffusion.
             While the greatest creators of greenhouses gases are produced from industry, 10% of the total comes from cattle farming specifically in rainforest countries of Middle and South America. Although cows aren't normally found in the rainforest, some individuals and companies are clearing rainforest land and raising cows on it because the land is somewhat cheap. However, the rainforest soil isn't very good for growing the grasses cattle eat; usually after a few years the cattle farmers have to move on to new areas of the rainforest, cut down more trees, and start over again. Their presence provides a significant lack of rainforest regeneration, which means that carbon that should in the biomass is in the atmosphere instead.

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