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Hamlet Not Insane

             In Shakespeare's, Hamlet, he gives off the impression that he is not insane. All of Hamlets actions might have seemed rash but was mostly out of anger due to his father's death. One evening, a ghost appeared before Hamlet and all of his friends telling Hamlet, "I am thy father's spirit, doomed for a certain term to walk the night- (Act I, Scene IV) At first, Hamlet was not sure if he could believe what the ghost was telling him. The ghost ended up telling Hamlet that his father was killed and that his death was not natural. His father's spirit also told him, "A serpent stung me The serpent that did sting thy fathers life now wears his crown." (Act I, Scene IV) After Hamlet hears this he becomes rather disturbed by what the ghost has told him. Many characters in the play feel that Hamlet has gone insane by this point, but really he is only upset, and wants to mourn his father's death. .
             Hamlet wants to seek revenge against King Claudius for the murder of his father but is not completely sure that Claudius killed his father, so he has a play performed for the King and Queen. Hamlet tells the players, "Speak the speech, I pray you, as I pronounced it to you, tripling on the tongue." (Act III, Scene II) Hamlet has the players perform the murder of his father exactly how Claudius did it. When it was time for the murder in the play, King Claudius says, "Give me some light. Away!" (Act III, Scene II).By Claudius screaming this out, he shows Hamlet how guilty he really is. The ghost .
             ended up telling Hamlet the truth. This shows that Hamlet is really not insane but upset about the death of his father and wants to seek revenge. .

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