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Chapter Summaries: The Twenty-Six Malignant Gates

             The chapter "Rules of the Game" is about Waverly Jong, daughter of Lindo Jong. It tells of Waverly, and how she has become a prodigy in chess. She becomes a champion in chess and winning all kinds of chess tournaments. Before she ever starts chess, Lindo has taught her the "art of invisible strength," which, before she starts playing chess, means to not ask for candy, and the candy will come to you. At least, that's what she thinks. When she is playing chess, the "art of invisible strength" means to stay quiet and act innocent which leaves her opponents thinking that she is just a kid who will not know their plays, and will not know how to react. Of course, the opponents are wrong and Waverly triumphs. As her trophies pile up, Lindo starts bragging to people, and Waverly feels that her mom has no right to do this when she is the one doing all the winnings. When Waverly does this, Lindo believes that Waverly is just embarrassed of their Chinese backgraound and culture, and this arouses a heavy emotional battle between Waverly and Lindo. As a result of this fight, Waverly begins seeing her mom as a chess opponent and plotting the "next move.".
             The Voice from the Wall.
             In "The Voice from the Wall," Lena St. Clair (Ying-Ying's daughter) talks about her mother and how scared she was when Lena's father, Clifford, took her to live in the U.S.A. She talks about the language barrier between Clifford and Ying-Ying (Betty, as Clifford named her). Ying-Ying and Clifford do not ever quite understand each other clearly. There is always some kind of confusion. It also tells about how Ying-Ying was raped, and how she protects Lena very closely to keep her safe. Ying-Ying becomes pregnant, and Lena's bed is moved so it is next to the wall to make room for a crib. She begins hearing a girl and her mother argue, and she thinks that the girl is being killed, while she is really just being abused. She sees the abused girl and follows her, and is embarrassed that she knows everything about her.

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