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Star vs. Hero

             When a person hears the word star1 or the word hero2, what does one think of? For the most part, if you ask someone what a star is, they say it is a person who portrays the role of a hero on a movie screen. And if you ask someone what a hero is, the usual response that you will get is; a person that does something courageous and is rewarded for his or her actions. In the common portrayal of the star and the hero, the star emphasizes more financial qualities, isn't as courageous, and is more famous than a real live hero; while a hero might not have the same financial traits, is a real life person, and might, or might not be as famous as a star.
             When it comes down to it, a star is in better financial shape than then a real life hero. The hero may be in good financial shape, but in no way can the average hero compare to the tremendous amount of money a star makes. Although, that's not to say that there can't be a circumstance where a hero has more money than a star.
             Courage is an area where it "separates the men from the women". During a movie, a star is limited to his/her courage, by what the movie script says. Or, for that matter, the amount of courage can be controlled by the amount of money that they are getting paid. Whereas a hero is a real live person who is not bias to the amount of money he/she is getting paid, thus the courage is completely up to the hero. Mariah Carey says in one of her songs " look inside you and be strong, and you"ll finally see the truth that a hero lies in you." Most of the time, in fact all the time, a hero will be known not for the small amount of courage that they have demonstrated, but by the enormous audacity he or she displayed. .
             Although a hero may have more courage than a star, the star usually has more fame then the hero. A hero probably will be praised on TV for a short period of time, but a star is usually on TV or making movies for a longer time period, allowing for more fame.

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