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Nationalistic foreign policy during 1812

            The James Monroe years were mainly known for the strong nationalism as a result of the Republicans dominating politics in all areas of the United States. The Federalists losing hold in the government was caused by the Jefferon's Republican party actively recruting members and creating alliances with politicans. It was also brought about because the Republicans benefitted the average person, therefore more people voted Republican. .
             Monroe was elected mainly by a younger generation who wanted to expand westward and didn't really care about European politics. The entire society was being infused with patriotic themes. If Monroe didn't support these ideas, he wouldn't of been elected into office or be re-elected again in 1820. Since majority of the population in the U.S was supporting these ideas, and the president was as well, obviously certain changes were to be made to the country to help enchance these ideas.
             Henry Clay's American system was already 2/3 in place by the time Monroe entered office in 1816. A protective tariff was established in the United States. This was done in order to promote American-made goods that the newly established factories up North produced. Although it was done to help create self-suffiency in the United States, and most states did support the tariff, New England was against it whereas they had little manufacturing so they wouldn't prosper from the tariff.This was a prime example of how even though nationalism was a key idea during the 19th century, at times the states were looking out for themselves without thinking of the country as a whole.The Second Bank of the United States was established in order to maintain a national currency. Doing this would also help aid the economies of all sections. However, the third part of the system was to build a national transportation system of roads and canals and it was not allowed since it was not stated in the constitution.

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