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Crimes Are Now Easier To Commit

             Crimes are easier to commit in this day and age. Criminals have no sense of rehabilation anymore, because now all that seems to happen to them when they commit a crime is a slap on the wrist and sent back out into society. I believe that in this time in the judicial system the punishment that criminal receives is not matching the crime that he or she commits. Within my research, the authors are taking their views on punishment fitting the crime to the extremes. .
             Altschuler, David. Zero tolerance makes zero sense. 16 October 2000 .
             This article has a strong bias towards zero tolerance policies. The author believes that there are exceptions to some cases in which zero tolerance policies enforce. He believes that the zero tolerance policy should be cut back and dealt with on a case by case measure. He uses a lot of opinionated statements with hardly any facts or statistics. It seems though that every opinion that he decides to bring up the public appears to already have an implied agreement with. .
             I agree fully with the author although his article was a bit bias, I still think that he could have been a bit more factual than opinion and gave some specific instances in which the zero tolerance policy should have been exempt. It was a very strong article with strong opinions.
             Bridge, Melanie. American prison system filled with problems. 15 January 2002 .
             This article explains how the art of stereotyping people as to what color they are plays a big part in what happens to them when its time for sentence to be put out. The author lets the public know that there are more blacks than any other race in the prisons within the United States. Racial profiling has become a big issue these days not only on the streets but also within the walls of the courthouse. Judges are becoming more and more bias to color and gender of a person rather than the crime he or she commits.

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