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Kent state jackson state

             Reason's and Similarities and Differences.
             In order to compare the shootings at Kent State and Jackson State you most first understand the motives behind the protesters that led to the unfortunate deaths and injuries of many of them. Although both of these incidences occurred in close proximity date wise, they had very little to do with one another. Kent State's shooting was in reaction to President Nixon's announcement to expand the Vietnam War by bombing Cambodia, while Jackson State was on an issue of civil rights. The only clear similarities between them are that both were started on college campuses, excessive police force, date and deaths of students.
             When word came out about President Nixon's plan to broaden the Vietnam War by beginning to bomb Cambodia, many college and universities broke out in protest of his decision. The reason behind the protests was that the youth of America felt betrayed, because President Nixon had earlier promised that he was not planning to escalate the Vietnam War. Among the many protesting campuses was Kent State. .
             In order to understand why this tragedy occurred at Kent State, you must understand the underlying culture in the town of Kent. Kent was a largely working class town. At the center of Kent's infrastructure was its grain industry, which employed many of Kent locals. Although Kent State University was largely heralded when it first came into the community, many years of out-of-state students and a liberal curriculum had alienated the local community. By the end of the 60's the town of Kent and the University were at opposite sides from one another. The local working class people had lost all tolerance with the University and its students after years of repairing vandalized property that had occurred when many of the students were drunk. .
             After hearing the news of Nixon's "lie" many of the local political groups on campus began to plan a local protest on campus.

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