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Cameras in the Courtroom

            Through the past 50 years the television camera has become apart of human nature. Each channel is there to represent a different aspect of society. It has given society the ability to witness traumatic world events, infamous police investigations and debates in the House of Commons from the comfort of their own home. The question remains unanswered, why is the public not able to observe a courtroom trial on television? Some claim that the media would distort the whole process having a devastating impact on jury, however, if certain protocols are followed there would be no conflicts concerning cameras in the courtroom. The media should be able to film trials in the courtroom as it would create a better society. Viewing a judge's sentence creates deterrence in society, the accused would be offered a fair trial, it would educate the public on how the criminal justice system operates and the whole public would scrutinize the system, all compelling reasons for why the media should be able to enter the courtroom. The Canadian legal system has been publicly criticized for being fundamentally flawed, the only way society can solve this is to understand where the conflicts are and why they are occurring. Public law is a very important to our society as it governs the relations between the government and the people. The public should be able to carefully analyze the system to satisfy their right to know what occurs behind the closed doors of the courtroom. .
             The whole objective of punishment in the judicial system is to create a deterrent. Where better to create deterrence than in media, as the media will provide publicly viewed consequences resulting from the failure to follow the law. Watching a judge's sentence somebody to 25 years in prison with no chance of parole can truly be a sobering experience for somebody. Society can only read and hear about results from case but that does not provide visualization of what actually occurs in court.

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