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Great Gatsby Book Review

            In the 1920s the famous prohibition mobster, Al Capone, became one of America's most notorious crime icons. Perhaps he learned his ways from Jay Gatsby "a fictional bootlegger during the same time period. Perhaps not. Maybe F. Scott Fitzgerald got his inspiration from Al Capone when writing The Great Gatsby. .
             Either way, The Great Gatsby .
             has proved to be a great American novel "with its dynamic cast of characters, rich symbolism, portrayal of the speakeasy life, and a catastrophic love triangle. .
             It is set in the east coast near New York in the 1920s. Gatsby is a mysterious man from the Midwest who creates himself an image of wealth and prosperity and eventually reaches his goal through bootlegging alcohol. He lives across from Daisy "his long lost love ".
             whom he knew before the war. Since then she had married a fellow .
             named Tom and all Gatsby wants is to regain her love. .
             Nick Carraway, Daisy's cousin, lives next door to Gatsby and narrates the story. However, Carraway is very undependable as far as narrating goes. He is biased towards Gatsby and acts like his puppet at times; allowing Gatsby to use him to get closer to Daisy. "He wants [you] to invite Daisy to your house some afternoon and then let him come over,"" as a friend told Carraway. Therefore it's hard to fully trust him, and when you cannot trust your narrator as a moral authority, you have no one to turn to "making character judgments distracting. .
             Fitzgerald makes up for this flaw with Gatsby and Daisy's dynamic relationship. When the two met again at Carraway's house, they were speechless. The long awaited reunion was happening yet both could only stand in awe at one another. Later the three go to Gatsby's mansion; Daisy is astonished that Gatsby is so wealthy and her love for him grows because of this "not caring how he had obtained his new found wealth. .
             Fitzgerald exemplifies Daisy as the typical "gold digger;- associating only with Gatsby again because he has come into a large sum of money.

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