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Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois

             Washington was born a slave on a tobacco farm in Hales Ford, Virginia on April 5, 1856. was a great public speaker who mainly spoke about blacks earning the white man's respect rather than keep fighting for freedom. W.E.B. DuBois on the other hand was born in Great Barrington, Massachusettes on Febuary 23, 1868. W.E.B. was also a great public speaker who wrote amazing books. W.E.B. thought that if you fight and prove yourself as an equall, you will become equall to your oppressors. .
             Booker T. helped build an all black school university called The Tuskegee Institute. This university was built for teaching vocational "hands on" education. Booker T. felt that since all blacks had been slaves for so long, they would be strong enough, and have a hard working attitude to do carpentry, and farm work.
             W.E.B. wasn't only trying to help blacks; he wanted to help Asian, Latin, and European-Americans also. He wrote his Harvard thesis on "The Suppression of the African Slave Trade in America." DuBois studied very hard to learn how this race problem began. He thought it was because of ignorance.
             Both W.E.B. and Booker T. were exelent public speakers, and both had a thirst for education. Booker T. was too poor to go to school so he became a janitor to pay for it. W.E.B. got a scholarship to Fisk Univirsity then later transferred to Harvard where he planned to get his Ph.D when he found out that Ruthford B. Hayes, head of the fund to "Educate Negros," was giving a scholarship to a black man. W.E.B. signed up and got into the University of Berlin, Germany.
             Booker T. made great speaches to help earn respect for black people. One was the Atlanta Exposition Address, where he stood in front of a completely white audience, and told black people to start working at the level they are at, and not fight for things they can't handle yet. Whites thought that this was a good idea and Booker T. was accepted into white culture. Booker T. was also a great teacher.

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