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Anwar Sadat: International peace hero

             Anwar Sadat, also el-Sadat, also al-Sadat, was born in the town of Mit Abul Kom, 40 miles north of Cairo, Egypt on December 25, 1918. He was born into a family of 13 children. In his early years Anwar Sadat had political figures that he respected and admired. Among these people were: Zahran, who was hanged for participating in a riot which resulted in the death of a British soldier. Also, Kemel Ataturk, who created the modern state of Turkey, by forcing the Ottoman Empire out of power. Third, Mohandas Gandhi, who during a tour of Egypt in 1932 had preached the power of nonviolence in fighting injustices. Finally, Sadat admired Adolf Hitler, because Sadat was an anticolonialist, and he viewed Hitler as a potential rival to rid Egypt of British control. .
             At the time Mr. Sadat was born, Egypt was a British colony. Egypt had been in terrible debt in the past years and as a result, it had sold its investments in the Suez Canal to the French and the English. The British and the French had used these investments to establish political control of Egypt, and thus referred to it as a British colony. (bsos.umd.edu).
             In 1936, the British created a military school in Egypt. Sadat was one of the first students. As part of the curriculum, the students got trained in math and science, but also in the art of analyzing battles, and such things as the Battle of Gettysburg, which was the turning point in the American Civil War. .
             After Sadat graduated and got his first post, he met Gamal Abdel Nasser, and this would be the beginning of a long political association which would eventually lead to the Egyptian presidency. At this post, Sadat, Nasser, and some other young officers formed a revolutionary grass movement that they hoped would one day overthrow the British rule. .
             In his fight for liberation, Sadat got sent to jail twice. During his second stay, Sadat taught himself English and French. .
             After a few years alone, out of politics, and now married to his wife Jihan, Sadat reconnected with his old friend Nasser.

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