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Translation Of A Poem

             A Sonnet Included in "La niña de plata-.
             then in my life I've never been in such a fit,.
             fourteen lines say it's a sonnet's beat,.
             mocking and joking, three lines go before this one, right?.
             I thought I wouldn't find the words,.
             and I'm at the middle of the other quartet,.
             yet if I see myself in the first tercet,.
             there is nothing in the quartets that would make my senses stir.
             The first tercet I began right here,.
             and it looks like I'm doing well, you bet,.
             because the end with this line is near.
             Already at the second, and I still suspect.
             that I have done thirteen lines clean & clear;.
             count if they are fourteen and the end you get.
             The translation of this poem has been very difficult since it has a definite rhyme scheme and by trying to maintain the scheme in the translation I might alter the meaning of the poem. The sequence of the words may not make the meter of each verse so instead of maintaining the meter I choose to try and maintain the rhyme scheme, since rhyming in English is not done by letters, like in Spanish, but by pronunciation, it is a difficult task to find a rhyme and try and maintain the sense of the words and fragments of each verse.
             So this is my challenge, I will try to get a rhyming scheme that will equal the one of a sonnet but I do not promise to maintain the meter sequence.
             Lope de Vega was a very talented writer, we see this through his life's work and story, since he was at an early age, not able to use a pen, he began to show the skills of his verse writing. At the age of ten he started to translate poems from Latin and at age 12 Lope wrote his first play. His skill to master the art of writing came from his day-to-day life, and his many adventures or stories to tell. Lope is considered amongst the Spanish writers the second best, only surpassed by Cervantes. His many love affairs caused him many problems with the law, and are the reason for many of his works. .
             The sonnet written by Lope de Vega in "La niña de plata- is a kind of mockery towards someone who probably told him he couldn't do a sonnet, so he probably improvised it to him freely, without actually having to sit down and think about writing.

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