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Retail Store Ownership

            Have you ever wondered why retail stores charge so much for their merchandise? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to set the prices on clothing, be the boss of your own employees, work at your own hours, and be successful? Well, all that describes a retail store owner.
             What is a retail store owner? A retail store owner is someone who owns, and usually operates a clothing store. A retail store owner can also be called an entrepreneur. A retail store owner has many responsibilities, including setting the prices on clothing, ordering merchandise, overseeing employees, taking care of finances, and making sure the store is operating at a success.
             When a retail store owner decides to open a store, he or she has to obtain a start up loan, in order to get the store going. Most banks, when obtaining a loan, will require that the borrower have at least a high school diploma, and some type of experience in the retail field. If the loan they are trying to obtain is above a certain amount, a bank may also require that he or she have an associate's degree in business or the retail field.
             In order for the store to be operated successfully, the owner needs to know when he or she needs to order more merchandise, what type of merchandise to order that is in season, or in style, and when any other adjustments need to be made. In order for this to happen, it is advised from experts that he or she work in the retail field for at least two years. .
             There are several degrees a person can go to college for, including a degree in business administration, business law, business management, marketing, advertising, & retail management. These degrees with the exception of business law only take two years for an associate's degree.
             When a person starts their experience in the retail field, most start as a salesperson, and work their way up to management. A person's advancement in jobs usually depends on the amount of sales the make, and the experience they show they are gaining.

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