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Analyses of Mercedes Benz Marketing Strategy

            Analyses of Mercedes Benz marketing strategies.
             Mercedes Benz marketing strategy in the United States was once centered on the safety, luxury, and precision engineering of its cars, but due to increase competition in the luxury car industry and changing consumer attitudes about the Mercedes Benz brand that strategy has changed. Now their marketing strategy is more life style oriented and is focused more on presenting the more fun loving, approachable, and energetic side of Mercedes Benz. The evolution of Mercedes Benz's marketing strategy can be directly connected to the expansion of its target market, which now includes persons twenty five to thirty five years old as well as its initial targets the baby boomers. In order to provide superior customer value to its target market Mercedes Benz has found it necessary to expand its product line up, provide more competitive prices, increase communications with its target market, maintain accessibility to consumers, and continue its excellent customer service.
             Expanding the product line.
             In recent years Mercedes Benz has extended its product line to include vehicles that suit the needs and meet the desires of today's consumers. For example, the Mercedes Benz G-Class, with prices staring under $30,000, allow consumers with small needs and large desires to enjoy the safety and luxury of a Mercedes Benz. Also, the M-Class provides a more luxurious and comfortable option in the spots utility market. Mercedes Benz currently offers nine classes of vehicles, all with multiple models and body style options, to meet the specific wants, needs, and desires of its target market. The challenge for Mercedes Benz is to increase sales through expanding its product line without losing its original strengths, which are being the standard for automotive luxury and engineering excellence.
             Competitive prices.
             One misconception among consumers is the perception that every Mercedes Benz costs one hundred thousand dollars.

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