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Everyday Use

             The story "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker (329-335) show us how mother hood and daughter relationships are different. The mother and her two daughter and there relationships are different and how they bond. Walker lets us see the mother daughter relations between Maggie and Dee, and growing up and making choices as we see with Dee and the hatred and self-esteem .
             Walker lets us see how the mother daughter relationship between the two daughters are different in ways that you can't even miss. The mother goes on to tell how Dee is "lighter than"330), Maggie. Maggie got burned in a fire that happen "Ten, Twelve years"(330) ago. How her mother can remember how the flames sounded and feeling little Maggie grapping at her. She can remember what it looked when Maggie " dress falling off her in little back papery flakes" (330). Oh there other hand, the mother tell us about Dee and how "nicer hair and a fuller figure." (330) that Dee has compared to her sister Maggie. How her mother sent Dee off to "Augusta" (330) for schooling, and she had help raising money to send Dee to school from the church. Maggie was a lot like her mother and not as bright as Dee. .
             There mother in her own way was proud of Dee for getting a education and how she never really had a education herself as she grow up and, how amazed she was when Dee went to school and got education. The mother said that Maggie was a lot like her and would marry she could have the quilts. Her Maggie clean the house and love where they live and it's the simple things that make Maggie and her mother happy. .
             As Dee grew up she made her own choices and decisions to create her own identity. Dee had made up her mind on the that house burned down and she said the " hated- (330) house. Her mother always wonder way Dee never danced around the " ashes" (330) when the house burn down. Dee took education serious and would reads ".

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