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Juvenile Crime

             The severity of juvenile crimes has vastly increased from petty theft and vandalism to felonies. I think that because of television and the Internet, the parents inattentiveness, and our culture and society is why there has been such an increase in juvenile crime. Linda Collier, author of Adult Crime, Adult Time states, " Nearly every state has laws that send most youthful violent offenders to the juvenile courts, where they can only be found "delinquent" and confined in a juvenile facility typically not past age 21,"(Collier 219). I think if a child is over the age of fifteen and commits a malicious crime such as murder or rape then they should be locked up in an adult prison to teach them a lesson, but also get the help they need. .
             JuliS34: I think that the internet and television has taught children how to be violent and it is easy access to find out anything and everything about crimes. Even cartoons teach kids how to be violent, their minds are polluted with shows like X-men and Power Rangers. Shows that I grew up watching like Tom and Jerry and the Road Runner is based on the two characters trying to kill each other. Kip Kinkel was a fifteen year old boy who went to his high school and shot his classmates.
             JuliS34: He had access to the internet which showed him how to build a bomb, discuss explosives with others, exposed him to violence, the tools he would need, and told him about guns and ammo. David Greenberg, author of Students Have Always been Violent states, " History makes it clear that children and teen-agers are no strangers to violent impulses. They always have been, and always will be, maladjusted or deranged students who unleash those impulses. That they do so is .
             JuliS34: inevitable. How they do so may be within our control,"( Greenberg 217). I think that Greenberg makes a good point, I think that we know we have control and we need to start enforcing it as a society and start teaching and helping children and teenagers instead of ignoring the problem, as we .

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