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Far and away

            Far and Away is an excellent period epic detailing the struggles of a poor Irish .
             Released in 1992 to mixed reviews, many feel this is .
             director Ron Howard's ode to his Irish heritage and roots. Far and Away showcases Tom .
             Cruise's and Nicole Kidman's second onscreen collaboration ( first being Days of .
             Thunder), and their onscreen chemistry help support the films storyline.
             Far and Away opens up to Joseph Donnelly (Tom Cruise), an Irish tenant farmer and his .
             battles with his rich landowner after his father's death over unpaid rent. A powerful scene takes .
             place within the first 10 minutes which shows Joseph Donnelly and his brother carrying their .
             father coffin while the rich landowners burn there house in the background for unpaid rent.
             For revenge Joseph sought to kill the rich landowner, but ran into his daughter Shannon played by .
             Nicole Kidman. Upon entering the rich Landowners estate, Ron Howard really conveyed the .
             differences between the Irish economic classes. Joseph Donnelly lived of merger means on a .
             small, poorly constructed farmhouse living hand to mouth. The rich landowners lived in a polar .
             opposite of Joseph, a massive estate full of luxurious fixtures and wealth spread around. .
             This is true to Ireland in 1892, the time that Far and Away takes place. As the opening .
             credit suggested, the separation between the two classes begin to cause uprisings against the .
             greedy landowners. The clash between the classes is symbolized in the relationship between .
             Shannon and Joseph, which there first meeting resulted in Shannon stabbing Joseph in the leg .
             with a pitchfork when she discovered him in waiting in the stable to kill her father. .
             While being put up to recover from his wounds, Joseph discovers Shannon's discontent .
             for her family and lifestyle, Shannon expressing this is defiant nature against her arranged suitor .
             and by not following conventional music and attire. While in an escape attempt Joseph has a run .

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