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Scarlet letter paper, with requirments3 pages

            Purity: a noun, meaning, to be pure; to have Freedom from sin or guilt; innocence; chastity; or a quantitative assessment of homogeneity or uniformity. Something that is sought out by everyone, tried and duplicated by many, and yet succeeded by much less. The puritans believed that the way to achieve this was through strict practicing of their moral beliefs. This included not only following it themselves, but also making sure that others in their community were living by the same morals and standards. We as a society today have very similar views without even noticing it. For example the hippies, one could say without looking deep within were much different then the puritans but if you look a little deeper you find that they were both tryig to achieve the same goal.
             The puritans thought that by controlling themselves and controlling their neighbor that they would be able to maintain stability with in their society. They would in a sense spy on their neighbor making sure that at the first site of wrong they would be apprehended and taking care of. Even though that this ideology, which is covenant theology, seems very discouraging we can find strands of it still existing in our society today. In the book The Scarlet Letter you read about very many views that tie directly into this sort of control. One main view about the book is on adultery and how the puritans reacted to it. Once the puritan society found out that Hester Prynne had committed adultery with the reverend Dimsdale they scared her by making her where letter A on her garments. This was so that everyone would remember what she has done and to sort of pre judge her.
             Covenant Theology is the idea that we should all be our brother's keepers. That we should all look out for others that if suspected of doing wrong be brought out into the open to the judged. Since the Society in The Scarlet Letter was a puritan society the people were highly subjected to this concept.

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