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Women and Economy of Peru

            Massive Sterilization of Women in Peru.
             In the 1990's, during the reign of dictator Alberto Fujimori as many as 200,000 .
             women were estimated to have been forcibly sterilized. The "Technical Secretary" of the forced sterilization campaign was reported in the commission's report to have been the United Natons Population Fund (UNPFA). The Popular Research Institution reports that Fujimori's coercive population control campaign took these campaign on as way of stimulating economic growth. The program executed by the Peruvian government was financed by international organizations, mostly the United Nations Population Fund. This campaign targeted the poor women from rural areas of Peru.
             The women were victimized and treated like dogs, being forced into this by the campaign, many without realizing the repercutions.
             Peruvian Government officials denied the allegations of feminist movements that called them out on what they had done. They claimed that the campaign did not target specific women and was not done by force. In reality, the campaign targeted poor, rural women who were ignorant of what was being done to them, and they were badly taken advantage of. Peruvian Government claims that all procedured were done under the constent of the women as part of a family planning program. They claim the program was done only to develop Peru and help it emerge from its present state of poverty. The Florristan Women's Center is Peru's largest Women's group. Their study found that poor pregnant women are offered free services in exchange for agreeing to tubal ligations. Other reports include stories of women in malnutritioned areas beign offered bags of food in exchange for their agrrement to have a tubal ligation. They do this out of desteration. One compelling example is of a 25 year old Angelica Condori who was sterilized by doctors at a health clinic. The operation was done unsanitarily and still causes Condori pains in her stomach and walks slightly bent over.

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