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Black Cowboys

            There are certain conceptions of cowboys. Many of these conceptions such as their clothes, their .
             beliefs, their style of speaking and their race are known by all people, but is it the honest truth. However .
             , the one thing that you never really hear, is that a wide range of cowboys were and still are Black, Native .
             American and Mexican. I know what you're thinking, you there probably were minority cowboys, about a .
             couple hundred or so. Well that is partially true nowadays, but the whites were actually the minority.
             when it came to being a cowboy in the Wild West around the 1800' s. It's true Blacks, Indians and .
             Mexicans made up the majority our beloved cowboys. To be precise the white cowboys made up 1/3 .
             of the cowboy population. So that leaves the other 2/3 of the population to the colored people. Even .
             though they make up such a big chunk of this group, it is uncommon, yet almost impossible to find them.
             in any movies taking any glory. Why is this so? Well even though we live in a multicultural society, .
             our fathers fathers as we all know lived in a time of mass racism that was growing between all the.
             different race groups in America. Most writers and photographers only took pictures and wrote .
             about the whites of the cowboy world. Even though there were few attempts to publicize colored .
             cowboys after many years, the efforts failed miserably. It's not that the stories or films were bad, .
             but by this time in American media, people had a set mind that cowboys and cowgirls were all white.
             and people were comfortable with this untrue concept. Even now a day people are comfortable .
             thinking that cowboys were only white. That's because of missconceptions. Even today in the era .
             of truth we have zero colored cowboy movie stars. Well that's O.K., because today the majority.
             of cowboys are white, but back in the 1800's the numbers were different.(*).
             The "cowboy" in general started in what is now southern Texas in the early 1800's.

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