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Thomas Cromwell

             Contribution of Thomas Cromwell in matters of government during the first part of Henry VIII's region.
             Thomas Cromwell has emerged as possibly the most outstanding servant of Henry VIII during the decade from 1930 to 1940. He entered Parliament in 1523 and soon became legal secretary to Cardinal Wolsey, for whom he managed the suppression of minor monasteries. He avoided being disgraced with Wolsey in 1529, and by 1531 was serving Henry VIII as a member of the Privy Council. .
             In King's service, Cromwell administrated a sequence of changes that were significant for the future growth of England and he was responsible for drafting most of the acts of Parliament by which the Reformation was effected.
             Thomas Cromwell presented changes for the system of government and started changes in administration, worship and taxation. He redefined the function of Parliament, integrated both Wales and the north of England within the national interest and explored increased trading activity. He strengthened the role of monarchy by providing financial independence for the crown.
             His reliability and appreciation in his performing official duties helped him to rise to power. His loyalty to obey Henry VIII's wishes, and give administrative substance to those wishes, was essential to his success and influence. Unalike Wolsey, Cromwell was devoted to the royal principle and made hardly any attempts to assert any policy beyond that contained in royal fiat. The post he acquired gave him access to key areas within the governmental system. By 1531 he was a Privy Councillor and served as a principal state minister from 1532, in 1532 he was appointed as a Minister of King's Jewels, serving in the Court of Chancery in the same year.
             Cromwell strongly believed in the theory of a sovereign nation state, and his policies reflected such. Considered the originator of the idea of King as a Supreme Head of the Church, in 1534 he made sure of it, with the passing of the Act of Supremacy.

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