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Chemical and biological warfare

             There is no longer a question of wether or not a bioterrioists will attack, but rather the .
             question remains, when will they attack. "It is highly likely that a terrorist group could threaten .
             or attack Americans with germs within the next few years". (Taylor). Chemical and Biological .
             warfare intentionally uses viruses, bacteria, fungi, or toxinsfrom living organisms and death or .
             disease in humans animals, or plants. Fermentation can be used to produce such bacterial .
             agents such as anthrax, brucellosis, cholera, meloidosis, plague, or tularemia. Other viral agents .
             are smallpox, cimean congo HF, rift valley fever, and vee. Use of these types of viruses and .
             bacteria are becoming widespread in many areas of the world because they can affect many .
             people efficiently and are cost effective. What is the effect and history of biological and .
             chemical weapons?.
             Biological weapons are the harmful use of micro organisms or toxins that attack a .
             person or animals body at the cellular level. This is also called germ warfare. These micro .
             organisms can cause vomitting, convusions, headaches, involuntary defecation, impair visibility .
             and can also be lethal. Biological Engineering allows scientist to create new virus straains that .
             are even more deadlier and effecient. Only a small number of these organisms could kill millions .
             of people in a few seconds, if it is properly distributed. Biological weapons have many effective .
             possibilities. They can cause soldiers to become sick and unable to fight. Biological weapons .
             can also infect an enemy's crops or water supply and damage them. .
             Chemical weapons are chemical agents that affect the nervous system, breathing, skin, .
             eyes, nose, or any other body part. Chemicals come in many shapes and sizes, they can be in .
             the form of a gas, liquid, sprays, and powders. The chemical can be colourless, odourless, and .
             tasteless which makes it to hard for a person to know what is going on until it is to late.

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