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The impact of the SARS Epidemic

             According to a Center for Disease Control and Prevention's website report of April 30, 2003, SARS is the abbreviation of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome---This is a very serious respiratory illness that will cause high fever, hacking cough and dyspnoea, and eventual death from hypoxia. Unfortunately, the most horrible aspect of SARS is its infectivity.
             Because of this terrible epidemic, the world is paying much attention to China and Beijing. Since its characteristics of wide infection and fast spread, the WHO has given a close eye to China, and many countries have stopped certain trades with China, such as food imports and exports and tourist industry. Unfortunately, some countries besides China have reported the SARS sufferers such as Canada and Singapore, so people in the world become more aware of their sanitation conditions.
             Since the outbreak of SARS, China has made great efforts to control the disease and overcome the difficulty. The government has improved and strengthened its epidemic preventive and control methods, such as examine and quarantine protection and avoidance of large gathers. While the medicine and chemical industry is booming again, the tourist industry, entertainment industry such as the Internet bars and danceries, and dining industry such as restaurants and teahouses are more or less blocked by SARS since more people prefer to stay and dine at home.
             As the capital of China and the future host for 2008 Olympic games, Beijing is under great pressure when becoming one of the infection cities. The Beijing Authorities has tried their best to turn the scale. They reconsidered their decision-making in SARS controls and emphasized more about the public sanitation situation. Furthermore the Beijingers become more united and confident in SARS elimination.
             The SARS situation also affected our BLCU---a language university famous for its language education. Many foreign students have run back to their countries and the course process is also disturbed.

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