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Beer: How it came to america

            Beer is thought to be mankind's oldest beverage aside from milk and water. It can be argued that beer was the cause of civilization. When humans .
             ceased to be nomads and settled down to grow grain and make bread they did this often just so they could use that bread to make beer. Beer has played a part in many other cultural revolutions, and most of the traditional brewing countries .
             have developed theirown beer culture. Historians are not sure what came first - bread or beer. They say that American's can date beer back to the early Middle Ages. The explorers brought the ale over with them from Europe. "it came over .
             on the Mayflower and stayed on to be the unchallenged drink of democracy." Is brewing beer a "guy thing"? Maybe it is perceived as such in today's society, but a look back through history shows that brewing began as a woman's job. According to beer historian Alan Eames, the religious myths of ancient societies credit the creation of beer to women. For the Pharaonic Egyptians, the goddess Hathor invented beer. She was worshiped throughout the dynastic ages as the "queen of drunkenness and dance and the invention of beer." Then in thirteenth century England women often brewed the beer, they would capture men and hold them for ransom. The ransom was collected and used to buy ingredients to brew ale, which was then sold for a profit. Things then changed in medieval times, the men started taking a bigger part in making the beer. Gradually, women became less and less involved in brewing. Male brewers replaced Alewives, and brewers have tended to be male ever since.
             It has taken women some time to regain a place in the brewing industry. In today's workplace, women often face barriers that prevent their participation, and the brewing industry is no exception. With prevailing stereotypes, sexist .
             advertising, and lack of experience with female brewers, the industry includes few women.

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