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The Glass Menagerie

            The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams is a play about a family living during The Depression. Amanda, the mother, desperately tries to find her crippled daughter Laura a husband and while the man of the house, Tom, works to support his mother and sister. Tom supports the family and brings home the long-anticipated gentleman caller. He also narrates the play, which makes him the main protagonist. .
             First, ever since his father left, Tom has provided for his family. Laura does not want to ever leave the house and his mother stays with her all day. Working at a local warehouse, Tom just manages to help the family get by every paycheck. Amanda always thinks he should receive more and is never satisfied. .
             MY HOUSE! No, no, no, no, no!.
             Tom: House, house! Who pays the rent on it, who makes a slave of .
             himself to-" (scene 3) .
             Tom slaves all day to pay the rent, buy groceries and other odds and ends to make their life comfortable. Without Tom's wages, Laura and Amanda would have nothing. This makes Tom the most important one living in the house, therefore that makes him the main character.
             Secondly, Tom brings home the gentleman caller, the one his mother has been pestering him to find.
             Tom: I though perhaps you had wished for a gentleman caller.
             Amanda: Why do you say that?.
             Tom: Don't you remember asking me to fetch one?.
             Amanda: I remember suggesting that it would be nice for your .
             sister if you brought home some nice young man from the warehouse.
             I think I have made that suggestion more that once.
             Tom: Yes you made it repeatedly.
             Amanda: Well?.
             Tom: We are going to have one.
             Amanda: What?.
             Tom: A gentleman caller! (scene 5).
             Tom followed his mother's orders and asked a young man to come to dinner. Jim, the caller, is brought into the last scenes by Tom. Amanda's life revolves around thinking about finding Laura a suitor, but Tom finally puts the plan into action.

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