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             The book I read was Beloved, by Toni Morrison. I found this 273 page novel in Mrs.
             I found information on the author of Beloved, on the internet. Toni Morrison was born Chloe Anthony Wofford on February 18, 1931 in Lorain, Ohio. Her parents moved to Ohio from the south to escape racism and to find better opportunities in the North. When Toni was young, her grandfather told her that her ancestors were slaves and what the life of Black people was at the beginning of the century. Thus, Toni Morrison was brought up to be proud of her heritage and rich cultural background. She later faced discrimination when she started dating and touring with a repertory company: at that time, restrooms were still separated for White and Colored people. She then saw firsthand the life of a Black American that her parents had escaped by moving North.
             In Beloved, Toni Morrison portrays the barbarity and cruelty the slaves were subjected to. She emphasizes their desire for freedom and a new life as they are trying to escape their past. In the book Beloved many of the characters go through a lot of pain as they try to build their family and communities after the devastation of slavery.
             Sethe- strong willed, courageous, proud.
             Denver- anti-social, emotional, self-centered.
             Paul D.- kind, understanding, stubborn.
             One incident that I found interesting was when Sethe is walking barefoot through the woods pregnant and battered; she was running away from the torture that she was put through as a slave. She is about to give up when all of a sudden a white woman appears named Amy Denver. Amy asked what she was doing and Sethe replied "running" (30). Morrison quotes "But she could not, would not, stop, for when she did the little antelope rammed her with horns and pawed the ground of her womb with impatient hooves" (30). This is a strong quote in that it says Sethe is a strong willed person. This could have been the turning point in the book that changed everything.

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