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Do Clothes Make the Man?

             One's style, or styles, of dress allows others to get a hint of their character. One could have several styles of dress. They could wear a suit to work in the morning, and go home in the evening and throw on some scrubs. Does that mean they are a serious business person, or a "scrub" because they dress that way? Not always. A person's many styles of dress mean they have many characteristics. Clothes don"t make the man, but they can lead us to hypothesize about their character.
             Therefore, when I see a person wearing all dark clothes and looking gothic, I don"t see them as a "freak." I see them as having a very strong character. They want to be their own person, be unique. They have to be strong knowing how society portrays them. Maybe they have to dress this way for their job, and after work they go home and put on jeans and a tee-shirt. Like the saying goes, "you can"t judge a book by its cover." .
             For example a girl wearing skimpy clothing. Most would label her a "hoe." Maybe this girl is; maybe she has no friends and thinks dressing this way would help her. I think most girls that dress this way are saying they"re confident of their appearance. Everyone has their own opinions, most of them are judging. Many people dress ways for certain reasons.
             For instance, school teachers. They are known for dressing conservatively and very boring. They are required to dress this way for work. After work they could put on a tight mini-skirt and a tube top, for all we know. Looks can be very deceiving.
             The most deceiving is the wanna-bes. They are the ones who don"t like themselves so they mirror the people they want to be. It's hard to point these ones out until you get to know them. They"re also called followers. For most this is just a stage in their life. For example, the preps. They are the sporty group that wears all the brand name clothing for that year. Most of the wanna-bes hangs here. They"re obvious because they just follow behind and never say anything.

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