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Feng Shui

             As students, workers, parents, husbands or wives, we all experience a certain degree of stress and anxiety. School, work, tests, jobs, bills, and many other aspects of life can build upon each other, day after day. When we arrive at the place called "home," there should be a comforting and soothing affect on our mind, body, and soul. One theory to create harmony and balance in our homes is the art from ancient China called Feng Shui; "the way of the wind and water" or "the natural forces of the universe.".
             Simple things, such as a picture hanging on the wall, can have a positive or negative affect on our Chi or energy. To analyze a space one must consider four elements, the building, the environment, time, and the people being affected by the design of the space. There are many aspects of Feng Shui including how the design calculations, what the design affects, and the design's intricate details of the methods prescribed for a harmonious living environment.
             The first and most important issue of Feng Shui is how it is calculated. The first technique is to balance the yin and yang in the home being designed or redesigned. Yin and yang can be interpreted in different ways. The symbol itself means that heat and light (yang) is rising and cold and darkness (yin) is descending. The symbol is in the shape of a teardrop. Dots within the symbols represent a "seed" of yin within yang and vice versa. According to Simon Brown, author of Practical Feng Shui , "The effect of yin and yang on the different parts of your home will also influence how you allocate the various rooms there" (Brown 19). To complete the mission of Feng Shui , yin and yang create the interdependency and harmony needed in a room.
             The second aspect of learning Feng Shui is understanding the relationship of the five elements. The five elements include; fire, wood, water, metal, and earth. The fire element is represented by leather furnishings, candles, fireplaces and the color red.

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