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Iliad- Achille

            In the Iliad by Homer, the plot revolves around the anger of Achilles. The first was when he feuded with Agamemnon. Next was his self induced isolation. Lastly Achilles" anger shows during his mourning of Patroclus resulting in an encounter with Hector. .
             Achilles" feud with Agamemnon created conflict within the Greeks and furthered the plot. Agamemnon's foolish demands towards Achilles are met by a "black look." (Homer 27) "You shameless schemer, always aiming at a profitable deal!" (27) Achilles is justified for his words because of the requests and demands of Agamemnon. Achilles expresses his true feelings of Agamemnon's actions and his anger continues to slowly develop into hatred. Achilles" pride and feeling of being violated will not let him forgive nor forget the offense Agamemnon has inflicted on him. These demands are not only infuriating but a public display of humiliation. Equally important, his anger is so overwhelming that "[he sees] no point in staying here to be insulted while I pile up wealth and luxuries for you."(27) Achilles" anger, matched only by Agamemnon's selfishness, carries him to the point where he would rather take himself out of the war than to endure the embarrassment Agamemnon has thrust upon him. He is left with no choice but to abandon his post and take his men. Through this act of spite Achilles knows well that his absence will hurt the Greek war effort. It is also apparent that .
             through this Achilles wants to prove Agamemnon wrong for his actions and have him regret ever wronging him. In addition, Agamemnon's actions thoroughly enrage Achilles and becomes apparent when he ponders whether to "draw his sharp sword from his side, thrust his way through the crowd, and kill King Agamemnon,"(Homer 28) The root of Achilles anger is the way Agamemnon treated him. As a superior warrior Achilles demands the respect and tangibles that come along with it.

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