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Educational Audio Tapes "Minority report

            Educational Audio Tapes "Minority report".
             This audio tape tells a story of the not so distance future where a police by the .
             name of John Anderton is the founder and Chef of a new police agency called .
             Precrime. This new agency works by predicting the future of anyone who have the .
             intention of committing a major crime. Everything was working fine until one day .
             there have been a prediction on John Anderton killing a man. As the head of the crime .
             department John Anderton was the first the view the pictures that are coming in. At .
             that very moment when John Anderton found out that he will be killing someone that .
             he havent even met in a few days he panic and escaped from the precrime police .
             station. While he is running from the agents that once work for him he kidnap one of .
             the special gifted people in precrime that can predict the future of anyone who is .
             going to commit a crime. He then set out to discover the truth on what motivate him .
             to commit this crime. During his search he found out that all this have to do with his .
             lost son when he was kidnap by an unknown stranger when they went swimming in a .
             public swimming pool. But he soon found out that it was all a set up by one of his .
             best friend so that it will cover up this killing of a innocent woman who happen to be .
             the mother of the special gifted girl that John Anderton have kidnap from the precrime .
             station. After John Anderton have discover the real truth he then set out to revenge .
             for himself and he also prove that the whole system is not perfect and they should not .
             arrest and charge people of crimes that they havent commit.

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