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Caesar and Cleopatra - Ultimate Leader

             An ultimate leader to rule the world. This statement may seem a little far fetched; but is it? What makes a leader an ultimate leader? The leader must be able to gain power, but support and respect at the same time. How would one accomplish this? There are many qualities which may make a leader ultimate. Some of these qualities are: motivator, risk taker, trustworthiness, the ability to plan ahead, good decision maker, commanding resources by being assertive, and, most importantly, being competent. As Caesar fits this description, Caesar is an ultimate model of a leader.
             The first quality that a leader must possess is the ability to motivate the people around him. Caesar has a couple different ways of being motivational. In the beginning of the story, Caesar motivates Cleopatra to become a true queen by threatening her. He makes her speak more confidently through fear, rather than motivating her in a positive manner, because she was ignorant of this kind of encouragement. Caesar motivates others by allowing them to speak openly in his presence. This makes people feel that what they have to say is important to the leader. Caesar clearly expresses this when he says "Let your women talk; and you will learn something from them." (Shaw pg. 90) Caesar is also friendly with everyone, he will not belittle them, to make them feel unimportant, and this is shown when Cleopatra states "He has no hatred in him: he makes friends with everyone as he does with dogs and children." (pg. 93). A good leader knows that he does not have all the answers, and that he needs to learn from others, and make it an environment where they can express their feelings. When a leader of higher status motivates a person of lower status, this helps the person feel better about themselves. The person will then feel more confident to express their feelings and views, and share their knowledge with the leader, and this will, in return, help the leader to fulfill the needs of the people.

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