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The Decloration Of Independence

             THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE has been referred to as the "soul of America " .
             as well as an "American Scripture" because of its profound effect on American culture of 2002 .
             and in today's world.
             THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE was signed on July 4, 1776. The continental.
             congress of the 13 American colonies, declared there freedom from England, The British Empire.
             The colonist felt estrand and disillusioned with English rule. They felt they paid there dues and.
             loyalty without any satisfaction to there growing needs as colonist. At this time, the British.
             empire was burdened with a severe national debt, and feared the growing independence of the.
             colonies. England suffered internal and external discourse in America, with the colonist, Indians.
             and the recently defeated French. As a result, England introduced new taxes to the colonist to.
             stimulate revenue. They ignored and repressed there legislative needs, causing them to be.
             ineffective. They forced the colonist to shelter and endure the presents of an army in peace time. .
             The colonist felt exploited and inefectivly protected by England. These feelings insited the.
             movment for freedom and "natural rights" introduced and set forth by the decloration of.
             THE DECLORATION OF INDEPENDENCE states that "all men are created equal, and they.
             are endowed by there Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty.
             and the pursuit of Happiness." It requires that goverment be empowered by the people for the.
             people. It stated that citizens need not endure tyranny but to expect a contractual government . It.
             demands that when your natural rights are violated it is your duty and your privlage to revolt. .
             These are your natuarl born rights under your creator not your solereign. The decloration,.
             justifies independence by listing the violations of the tyrannical English government and by.
             doing so demonstrates the new natural laws of freedom.

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