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Langston hughes

             Langston Hughes is arguably the most important poet of.
             born February 1, 1902 in Joplin, Missouri.
             some;going to public schools in Kansas, Missouri, and.
             finally graduating high scool in Cleveland, Ohio. He was.
             very active and popular in high school. He ran.
             track-and-field, was on the student council, and he was.
             chosen class poet and yearbook editor during his senior year.
             in high school;so he was naturally a talented man, whether.
             it involved sports or academics. By the age of 19 his poetry.
             was starting to appear in books and articles. He attended.
             Columbia University, but he dropped out of college after.
             only a year. While he was at Columbia "The Crisis" printed.
             several more of his poems, so his work was getting out to to.
             public. He later returned to college in 1925 at Lincoln.
             University and he graduated four years later in 1929. A year.
             later he published his first novel "Not without.
             Laughter"(1930). He taught creative writing at two.
             Universities; was one of the pioneers of the Harlem.
             Renassaince; his plays were produced on four continents; and.
             he made recordings of African-American history, music.
             commentary, and his own poetry works. A brilliant and genius.
             of a man was James Mercer, also known as Langston Hughes. He.
             died at the age of 65 on May 22, 1967.
             What inspired Langston Hughes to write? Langston Hughes.
             was a born writer. He started writing poems and short.
             stories before he was a teenager. He didn't have any formal.
             training at all, so he was just a gifted writer. Later on,.
             however,his experiences as a black man growing up in that.
             time period inspired many of his poems. All-in-all, Langston.
             Hughes was inspired by his experiences as a man, a black.
             man, and his unlimited imagination.

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