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Impact of events of the 18th century on the abolition of sla

             Many events of the 18th century impacted the abolition of Slavery. In the 1800's there were radical changes to the slave trade and North American slave holdings. In the U.S. movements were forming to stop the holding and trade of slaves. It first started in the United States when Christian abolitionists spoke out against slavery, saying that it wasn't right to keep slaves in a country founded on the basis of freedom. Anti-Slavery movements and abolition movements from great abolitionist helped to end slavery in the United States.
             Many women stood out and spoke out during the 18th century against slavery and the need for freedom. The heroes of the enlightenment were the many abolitionists who fought long and hard to abolish slavery. In my research I explain the great impact of the abolition movement and those who helped to end slavery. I also site the major events during the 18th century. .
             By the 19th century, the institution of slavery was somewhat gone form the north; but this institution remained strongly in the south because their economy depended on their labor. . But slavery was less profitable in the North, there economic activity centered on small farms and industries The southern plantation owners were not willing to follow in the north's footsteps because their income would decrease a considerable amount. Having this difference in their lifestyles began to cause tension, and would soon get the ball rolling toward abolition. Opposition to slavery developed more rapidly in the North, but some Southerners, including such leaders as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, spoke out against slavery. However, the high profits that resulted from slavery had far greater influence than did any moral arguments. Even the many Southerners who did not own slaves accepted the planters' view that the South's economy would collapse without slavery.
             The Abolition movement happened in the 1800's to end slavery.

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