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The Big Win

             It is a family drama movie that tell a story about football, racism, determination and friendship between two football teams (The Titans). The movie is based on a true story that happened during the American civil rights movement in Alexandria, Virginia (1971). The Big Win is stirring and uplifting. You and your family will love the Titans.
             The movie begins in 1971, the first year Alexandria's high school must admit black students. Amid the furor over integration, a new black coach (Boone) arrives, displacing the beloved white coach (Yoast)and incurring the wrath of white students and parents alike. Tensions run high between black and white members of the coaching staff. After a rigorous training camp, the team comes together. They are bonded by a common goal of victory on the football field. Differences are put aside, friendships are forged, and an entire community is united by the team's shinning example of racial harmony. The new friendships between the black and white players inspire white parents to open their previously closed homes to black players. As the two coaches worked together they found they had much more than football in common. Both were men of integrity and honor. Although from different backgrounds, these coaches not only molded a group of unfocused boys into a dynamic winning team, but helped to guide them into becoming responsible and carrying young men. Their determination to work together and win was a triumph of the spirit and brought together a town torn by prejudice and intolerance; their love of the game initiated a championship win and a lifelong friendship.
             According to Betty Jo Tucker (Reel Talk movie review) "The Big Win preaches the value of friendship without regards to color." I agree. For instance, the scene were Gary (white player) was paralyzed in the hospital and Julius (black player) came to see him. An attending nurse in the room told Julius to leave.

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