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Catcher In The Rye

             Holden Caulfield is a child with many different issues. Some of these issues are stronger than the rest. Holden's breakdown, in my mind, is the presumed suicide attempt and/or hospitalization of himself. Holden used phrases such as "getting sick" to describe what had happened to him, but the ideas he puts across are clear. He couldn't take the emotional and physical stress from the incident with Mr. Antolini. Yet the question arises whether or not Holden will recover from these difficulties. Holden seems to have regret over what has happened, but is it enough? He claims that he even misses Stradlater and Ackley and has used the telling of this story as a confession for what he has done. There isn't a strong indication what Holden as learned from his difficulties, if he has learned anything at all, which allows for a strong possibility that Holden will continue his reckless and suicidal behaviors.
             Holden hasn't had a true family relationship with his whole family. He has always looked up to certain members of his family, mainly the siblings. Holden started off telling me about how he doesn't really get along with his parents, but never how he feels about them. He talks about his older brother D.B. and how he was a sellout. He said he was a sellout because of how D.B. had moved out to Hollywood and sold himself to make movies, but he did look up to him. Yet Somehow, Holden would always compare himself to Allie, his brother who died, and how Allie was fifty times smarter than he. Holden really cared about his brother Allie and probably didn't express his feelings to anyone when he died. Holden also talks highly about his younger sister and about how she is so mature for her age. He took her to a movie once, and she handled herself like a little woman. Holden seemed to connect with the children in his family and not the parents.
             Holden thought that many different people in the world were phonies.

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