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First Confession

             In "First Confession", Frank O"Connor does an .
             excellent job of entertaining the readers not only by .
             putting us in a family setting by showing us Jackie's .
             relation-ships with his grandmother, mother, father, .
             sister, and priest, but also by humoring us with the funny .
             things that children do at times.
             Interestingly enough, Jackie's relationship with his .
             grandmother showed to be somewhat uncomfortable for him. .
             He seemed to be not only afraid of the old lady, but also .
             embarrassed of her around his friends and resentful of the .
             relationship between his grandmother and his sister Nora. .
             He showed a kind of an attitude when it came to his .
             grandmother, almost as if she were his worst enemy.
             Secondly, Jackie and Nora were always at loggerheads .
             with each other which in a way was a direct result of their .
             grandmother's relationship with the two. The grandmother .
             seemed to favor Nora over Jackie. The way Nora seemed to .
             "suck up" (paragraph 2) to the grandmother and the penny .
             that Nora got from her every week seemed to fuel Jackie's .
             resentfulness towards his sister as well as his .
             Jackie seemed to have a close relationship with his .
             mother for she had the same feelings towards the .
             grandmother as Jackie's. However, he seemed very heart .
             broken because his father was not so understanding of .
             Jackie's feelings towards his grandmother. He felt that .
             his grandmother was the direct cause of his father not .
             talking to him for days. This shows the readers that .
             Jackie had somewhat of an uncertain relationship with his .
             Furthermore, Jackie's relationships also went beyond .
             his family. There was the priest, who Jackie seemed unsure .
             of at first. He seemed afraid of giving a full confession .
             because it would make him look bad in the priest's or in .
             God's eyes. On the other hand, he was afraid if he did not .
             tell all his sins that his spirit will be doomed to burn .
             in hell for all eternity.

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