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            Throughout the fifteen years of my life I have gained interest in various career fields; a lawyer, doctor or even a psychiatrist, but it has all come down to one passion, writing. I believe that becoming a Journalist is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. My obsession with Journalism has inspired me to believe in the many lifelong goals I am able to accomplish. .
             I took up a passion for writing at an early age. Only through a short time did I realize that becoming a Journalist has been my lifelong dream. I would like to pursue a career in the field of Journalism because of my desire to share the information I receive. I want to report the truth about what goes on in our community and the world. I want to share my ideas, views and bring a new innovative touch to my peers. I wish to influence the public, just as the public will influence me to write.
             Aside from writing, I have always dreamt of being on National television. Not while ago, I realized that if I were to continue in the field of Journalism, I would be able to have a career as a well-known News Anchor as well. I would have never thought that a single field such as Journalism would open so many doors to my career path. These productive opportunities will allow me to effectively and efficiently demonstrate my capabilities as a strong leader with the hopes of becoming successful in my desired field.
             Furthermore, what I plan to accomplish as a Journalist, is to create my own magazine, and become the editor of a magazine that welcomes my individuality, skill, leadership and imagination. I plan to follow my dream of becoming a Journalist by attending Universities that teach their students to report the truth of all matters and to look into universities that center in that particular field. .
             Although an extensive amount of research is still necessary to assure that Journalism is the right career for me, I can not picture myself pursuing a career in any other field since Journalism has had such an enormous impact in my life in such a short period of time.

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